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10 Unlikely S’Mores, And What They Say About You

Every kid who’s ever sat around a campfire in North America has grown to love the classic S’more, which (unsurprisingly) comes from the phrase “some more,” as pronounced by a person whose mouth is stuffed with molten marshmallow, graham, and chocolate.

Since the 1920s, we have used s’mores to not only delight the palate and make a glorious mess of our faces and fingers, but also to tell quite a bit about our underlying personality. Are you the meticulous sort of guy who spends 20 minutes toasting every corner of your marshmallow to golden perfection, or the all-in sort of guy whose marshmallow is still on fire when it’s crammed between the graham cracker and chocolate? The kind of guy who eats all of the s’mores ingredients raw before anyone has time to start a campfire?

In honor of the Father’s Day camping traditions, we have compiled here a list of 10 of the more intriguing s’more spinoffs with profound psychological insights that will let you know what your s’mores say about you.

1. The S’More Ice Cream Bar

smores ice cream

If you find yourself on an Antarctic exploration team, and think to yourself: “Why should temperatures 60 degrees below zero prevent me from enjoying my favorite dessert?” Then this campfire-free recipe is for you! Because nothing makes the statement: I can adapt to any environment (and make all the penguins jealous) quite like this frozen s’more.

2. Grilled S’Mores

grilled smores

If your middle name is “MacGyver,” then we probably don’t need to tell you about how to make your own, authentically smoky-flavored, s’more on a standard backyard grill. The balancing bit can be tricky, unless you go uber-MacGyver and tear the marshmallow in half, using its natural stickiness to ensure that the graham and chocolate stay attached.

3. S’More Nachos

 smore nachos

This extraordinary concoction shouts: I’m an under-appreciated genius (see here). At least until you realize that graham crackers are a lot mooshier than corn chips, and that the whole thing tends to disintegrate until you need to eat it with a spoon. At which point, your face is full of toasted chocolate/graham/marshmallow, and you’re left thinking, Yup, definitely a genius.

4. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry S’Mores

chocolate covered strawberry smores

The premise is simple, but by the time you’re adding delicately sliced fruit, you’re probably also upgrading your cheap, slightly plastic-tasting Hershey bar for a fancy Godiva, and using the high-end grahams, which all adds up to this trying very hard to impress my significant other style smore.

5. Skillet S’Mores

skillet smores

This classic chocolaty, buttery, marshmallowy play on the dessert fondue (see here) says I have a lot of friends, and none of us like leaving the city. If the possibility of getting ashes (or small insect parts) in your food makes you want to flee for the nearest five-star restaurant, this concept is for you!

6. Bacon S’Mores

bacon smores

Nothing says heading for a heart attack, and enjoying every step of the journey quite like adding bacon to anything and everything. The salty bacon sets off the sweetness of the chocolate, and the crisp-mooshy texture combination is definitely a winner. (Just don’t let your cardiologist know that you heard about it from us.)

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie S’Mores

chocolate chip cookie smore

For the guy who absolutely wants it all, right now, the chocolate chip cookie s’more combines two classic American desserts into one delicious extravaganza. Three layers of squishy goodness, all guaranteed to leave sticky evidence on your face and fingers, make this a great choice for sharing with close (non-judgy) friends and a few dozen napkins.

8. S’Mores Tacos

smores tacos

For clear culinary madness, and an attempt to make “tiny portion” servings seem plausibly healthy (see here), the Flatout company combines a whole-wheat and flaxseed flatbread with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips for a recipe that is both implausible and extremely likely to result in second-degree burns. But if you’re an I get all my recipes from the back of the box kind of guy, this one is for you. And ask yourself: if one tiny portion is healthy, then how much more healthy would it be to eat lots of tiny portions? Eh?

9. S’Mores Pancakes

smores pancakes

Nothing says I’ve lost a major bet with my children quite like a big breakfast of s’mores pancakes (see here). Guaranteed to make the kids hyper (and your dentist wealthy), possibly for years to come. (And yes, they are topped with marshmallow fluff. Yowza.)

10. Raw Vegan S’Mores

vegan smores

Made with oat/buckwheat “graham crackers” and cashew/coconut oil “marshmallows” (see here), nothing says I’m a health nut with major nostalgia issues quite like a raw vegan s’more. They do not, in fact, “taste exactly like the real thing,” and you could argue that packing America’s most famous dessert with actual nutritional value kind of defeats the purpose, but, hey, to each their own.

Regardless of your preference, we hope you had an amazing Father’s Day, and that you’re looking forward to the summer camping season!

Do you have a favorite S’Mores memory or recipe? Feel free to share!

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