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To Be Anything But Average

Although it has become a national favorite, the song, “Yankee Doodle” was originally written as a satire of American men’s fashion. In eighteenth-century Britain, well-traveled and fashionable young men belonged to the Macaroni Club, where they dined on Italian pasta and admired their own fashionable dress. The song jokes about naïve, rustic Americans who thought that they could simply “stick a feather in a cap” and achieve the fashionable presentation of a true “macaroni.”

In fact, true high men’s fashion actually required hours and hours spent with a tailor, who would meticulously alter each item of skin-tight clothing to artistic perfection, and the assistance of a personal valet who would sometimes go so far as to sew a man into his form-fitting silk stockings.

Eventually, the fashionable Macaroni were ousted by the more overtly masculine “dandies,” who wore smaller wigs, and more forgiving seams, but whose clothing was still tailored by hand for every individual’s unique body type. Even in the less fashion-conscious wilds of America, the tallest president (Abraham Lincoln, 6’4”) and shortest president (James Madison, 5’4”) could look equally elegant at all important functions because every article of clothing was sewn precisely to suit each body type.

However, all of the fashion standards changed in the middle of the 20th century, when 16.1 million Americans were deployed during WWII. It was impractical for every military uniform to be tailored for each soldier, and so standardized sizes were invented and clothing mass-produced around the idea of “average” body types. As most American consumers adjusted to the financial benefits of more efficient clothing production, customized tailoring became the exclusive provenance of the very wealthy. And if clothing didn’t fit quite so well at the shoulders, if the waist was awkward, or if the length of the pants didn’t quite suit…at least it was inexpensive, and readily available.

However, while the concept of “average” sizes works passably well for those whose bodies fall loosely in the “average” size and shape, millions of Americans found it more and more difficult to find clothing that is easily accessible, affordable, and properly fitted. And as fashion standards have again become more closely tailored, men with extraordinary body types need access to a better alternative.

Otero Menswear is the answer. Otero provides the best off-the-rack fit available. With their 3D Proportional Sizing methodology, they design clothes taking in to account your height, body type, and size. The length of the shirt, width of the collar, and even the button placket are proportionately sized to men up to 5'9".  This 3D sizing allows for a more aesthetic appeal as the shirt looks properly proportioned to the individual’s body and provides a superior fit to typical “off the rack” menswear.

Otero is about clothing that is fashion forward and smart; impressive while reserved and professional.  Their classic polos, tees and jeans are contoured to your body - visibly leaning and lengthening. Every stitch, collar, and seam is intentional, designed to help you embrace what makes you, you—confidently and in style. The finest materials, designs and manufacturing processes, along with high end accessories complete the offering.

It is time to once again be “Anything but Average.”

Otero Menswear: A Better Way to Dress for men up to 5’9”

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