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Richard Kalisher's Fashion & Design Denver Showcase 2019

This weekend, Otero was out on the town with NUE magazine publisher Richard Kalisher, who put together an impromptu Fashion and Design Salon to showcase local, high-end vendors from the Colorado area. The event was hosted in the iconic new ART Hotel in Downtown Denver, and, for those of you who weren’t able to make it, we wanted to introduce you to some of the outstanding fashion leaders who attended. They’re creative, they’re talented, they’re gracious, and we think that you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.

glenn glenn fashion clothing

Glenn + Glenn

First, we are delighted to announce that Glenn + Glenn officially launched in March 2019. They are a cutting-edge women’s brand who offer tailored, modern clothes for the urban sophisticate. (And we’re more than a little biased, because the Glenn + Glenn founders were instrumental in crafting the Otero look.) Award-winning designer Hillary Glenn and her sister, photographer/branding expert Jillian Glenn, have finally been able to collaborate on their own original line, fulfilling a childhood dream.

Both of the Glenn sisters have a charm and joy that translates to their work. And their work is, frankly, stunning. The designs are elegant, with clean lines, beautiful cuts, and a drape that simply flows. If you want to impress a lady in your life…look for Glenn + Glenn online at www.glennglennapparel.com.

Goorin Bros. Hats Denver

Goorin Bros. Hats

If you have a thing for swanky hats, you may already have stumbled across Goorin Bros. Hats—they have locations from California to Toronto, but we’re excited to announce that they’re bringing a new level of class to central Colorado with a new location in the Historic Denver Larimer Square.

Goorin Bros. is famous for their quality, class, and versatility. Better yet, they will customize any of their hat designs to perfectly fit each customer. Of course, perfect fit is Otero’s passion, so we were thrilled by the quality and versatility of their hats. Otero founder Steve was so impressed that he bought a “Dr. Feel Good” Fedora, and he hasn’t really taken it off since…

In fairness, Goorin manager Larry Nix is also now passionately attached to his new Otero-brand Double Braid and Bead Bracelet and minimalist CC-Holder.

We’re all looking forward to future Otero-Goorin collaborations.

Christine Marguerite Designs

Christine Marguerite Designs

A local institution, Christine Marguerite Designs features some truly incredible and original jewelry designs. All of their work is custom, and they pride themselves on ethically sourcing the raw materials for their work. The end result is heirloom-quality jewelry that perfectly blends the creativity of the team with elements that are uniquely meaningful for each customer.

And, as it turns out, CMD founder Linda Kozloff-Turner is an old friend of Steve’s; she personally designed his daughter’s wedding ring. Sometimes the Colorado fashion world is really all in the family. Drop by their Denver location at 1245 Pearl (Suite #210), or see some of their most popular designs at www.christinemarguerite.com.

dan kazwara jewelry design

Kazwara Jewelry Design

In the same area, we also encountered a relative newcomer to the Denver scene. Founded in 2018, Kazwara features truly innovative hand-crafted pieces that are meticulously designed around dazzling central stones to create an effect that founder Dan Kazwara calls “future primitive.” You have to see the close-up images to really appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship, so we hope that you’ll check out his full gallery at: www.kazwaradesigns.com.

allison nicole designs

Allison Nicole Designs

Allison Nicole Berger has the kind of raw talent that just blows your mind. Her custom-designed formal gowns are bold and elegant, with the sort of intricate detailing that draws the eye. And the work is even more remarkable because Berger is very hands-on with every project. She is a designer, pattern maker, seamstress, and artist who specializes in special event and evening wear, and she’ll adapt her seasonal designs for each customer’s measurements and personal preferences.

Berger is a superb addition to the Denver fashion scene, and you can see the full gallery of her latest seasonal designs at: www.allisonnicoledeisgns.com.

otero menswear fashion clothing

Otero Menswear

And, of course, no Otero blog would be complete without a few action shots of our live models. Walter Prentice is wearing a blue Otero Refined Polo; he’s a 5’9” Medium Rectangle. And Sean Rodarte is wearing the orange Otero Confident Polo; he’s a 5’9” Medium Triangle, and you can see how the shirts complement each of their body types.

And while we were meeting other fashion leaders, we also had time to get to know our models a little better. It turns out that both Walter and Sean are on track for engineering degrees, and we look forward to seeing how they will carry their confidence and charm into a whole new field.

A special thanks to Richard Kalisher, and all of the fun and fabulous people that we met here in Denver!

Watch our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts for the next pop-up. You can see for yourself what Otero and the Denver Fashion scene are all about.

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