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There’s a New Avatar in Town, and It’s You: Fashion & Technology Combine

From the cosmic to the comic; from gaming granddaddy Active World, to the latest Minecraft upgrade—we’ve come to love our gaming avatars. For more than two decades, we have used technology to allow ourselves to create alter-egos, redefining our look, our job…and sometimes our species. But what if technology could be used to define your real body, and save you time in the real world?

Today, men are more likely to purchase their clothes online, and far less likely to return them—not because they fit, but because it’s too much of a hassle to trade one ill-fitting garment for another that probably won’t look any better. But at Otero, we have always been committed to providing a perfect off-the-rack fit. In March 2018, we launched our proprietary 3D Proportional Sizing System, designed to fit your exact height, size, and body type. But without trying it on, how do you know for sure how each garment will fit?

Otero menswear 3d proportional sizing - clothes for short men

To take the guesswork out of the online shopping experience, Otero Menswear has partnered with cutting-edge tech startup Perfitly to create an unprecedented virtual dressing room experience. The process is simple: you enter just five body dimensions, and Perfitly applies a smart algorithm combined with a new CAD-based system to create an avatar with your body dimensions. Then, they can drape that avatar in real Otero garments, allowing you to see exactly how each garment and size would fit your body before you make an online purchase.

Perfitly founder Dave Sharma says that “It’s the closest thing there is to trying it on yourself in the fitting room,” but we think that it’s even better because you can try on dozens of garments in minutes—without the hassle of actually changing your clothes. (Good hair day, saved!)  And the digital rendering is so detailed that you can even see how a particular fabric will stretch against your muscle and mass.

3d avatar view of the Otero perfect fit for short men

The virtual fitting room experience is seamlessly integrated into the Otero website, so you don’t even have to navigate away from a product page to try on a garment. You can look killer on and off the web, no matter what garment (or species) you happen to be wearing.

Because Otero will always be your go-to source for all things fashion-forward.

Otero Menswear: Anything But Average

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