Afraid of Public Speaking? Nine Tips for Hacking Your Own Brain

In the United States, sociologists conducted a poll of American phobias, and the top three are very revealing: while 31% of Americans are afraid of spiders, and 68% are afraid of death (which seems quite reasonable), 74% of Americans have a profound terror of public speaking.

5 Steps To Finding Your Real New Year's Resolution

If there’s anything that we all know about New Year’s Resolutions, it’s that they rarely survive all the way into February. So, this year, maybe you should try giving up on resolutions, and try for something both simpler and more substantial.

The Curious Case of Boxing Day

What do Charles Dickens, crazy Medieval people in masks, the ancient Greek titan Saturn, King Wenceslas, and Muhammad Ali all have in common? More than you might think. Boxing Day isn’t really a holiday in the United States, but it has a long tradition in Europe. It started with an ancient Roman holiday, Saturnal.