The Curious Case of Boxing Day

What do Charles Dickens, crazy Medieval people in masks, the ancient Greek titan Saturn, King Wenceslas, and Muhammad Ali all have in common? More than you might think. Boxing Day isn’t really a holiday in the United States, but it has a long tradition in Europe. It started with an ancient Roman holiday, Saturnal.

A Sincere “I Love You” Is The Best Gift That You Can Give

Our families are made up of the people who love us and the people that we love. And Christmas is a perfect day to suck it up, get a jump on those r...

3 Quick Tips for Surviving Your Family During the Holidays

If you are wildly lucky, they’re your support in times of trouble, your friends and confidants. But even the best of families have their moments, and many families are…well…less like the Waltons than one might wish. No one pushes your buttons faster. No one else knows (and enjoys recounting) every single mistake.