Baseball: The Greatest American Tradition, Constantly Reinvented

It’s the game of life. It’s America’s pastime. It’s more American than apple pie (which is, to be fair, German). So, let’s get nostalgic for the smell of hot dogs and peanuts, clay and grass—today we hoist a pint to baseball. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else. - Yogi Berra The Origins

Who’s Your Avatar?: Otero Menswear Introduces Perfitly

A new partnership between cutting-edge designer Otero Menswear and a new fashion technology startup Perfitly. Otero has always been committed to rethinking fit. Perfitly is the new gold standard in digital shipping as their virtual dressing room takes the guess work out of online shopping.

There’s a New Avatar in Town, and It’s You: Fashion & Technology Combine

Otero Menswear has partnered with cutting-edge tech startup Perfitly to create an unprecedented virtual dressing room experience. At Otero, we have always been committed to providing a perfect off-the-rack fit. In March 2018, we launched our proprietary 3D Proportional Sizing System.