With Honor and Humor: A Tribute to Tennis and the US Open

Historians have traced the popularization of tennis (known as “jeu de paume” or “game of the palm” in the days before rackets had been invented) to the court of Louis X, the monarch affectionately nicknamed “le Hutin” (there isn’t an exact English translation, but it falls somewhere between “the Quarreler,” “the Stubborn,” and “the Headstrong.”)

The Evolution of the Manbag: 5,000 Years of Cool

Meticulously painted on cave walls, carved into giant stone reliefs, dug out of tombs, and rescued from glaciers and ancient peat bogs—it seems pretty clear that the manbag is the world’s original fashion accessory.

The Weird and Wonderful History of Golf: Fun Facts for Fans

 “Why do we play golf?” and “Why do fashionable persons play golf wearing peculiar outfits with unusual quantities of plaid?” Basically, people have been hitting balls (or rocks) with sticks for as long as we’ve been able to hold sticks with our marvelous opposable thumbs.