There’s a New Avatar in Town, and It’s You: Fashion & Technology Combine

Otero Menswear has partnered with cutting-edge tech startup Perfitly to create an unprecedented virtual dressing room experience. At Otero, we have always been committed to providing a perfect off-the-rack fit. In March 2018, we launched our proprietary 3D Proportional Sizing System.

Savoring Fall Flavors: A Fashionable Man’s Guide to Hard Cider

If you’re ready to celebrate the cooler fall weather, and you can’t stand the thought of one more “pumpkin spice” whatever, then we have the alternative for you! Cider has been a highlight of the fall season since long before mankind thought to pour it into glasses—no really!

Acing Your Accessories: Top Tips for Men's Style

Men’s accessories are tricky, and accessorizing really well requires you to choose one of two paths, which we’ll call the Perfect Gentleman and the Style Original.