4 Things You Never Knew About the T Shirt: The Sexiest Ex-Underwear in Modern History

For fashionable men at the turn of the twentieth century, the undergarment of choice was “union” underwear, which were skin-tight, one-piece, all-purpose undergarments. (Later modified with a strategic button flap, because…when you gotta go, you don’t want to spend twenty minutes undressing.) The T shirt in the making.

32 Tips & Tricks: A Man’s Guide to Dressing Taller and Leaner

The critical thing to know is that when you catch someone’s eye, they automatically register factors that add horizontal and vertical value to your profile—so to look taller, you want to minimize the horizontals and accentuate all of the vertical lines.

NFL Season is Here: A Football Fan’s Guide to Fashion

For most guys, the concept of sports fashion means wearing a team jersey inscribed with your favorite player’s name. Size: baggy. Comfort level: high. But some sports lovers take their fashion potential to a whole new level, usually in one of three ways: the uberfan guy, the frat party/tailgating extremist guy ...