NFL Season is Here: A Football Fan’s Guide to Fashion

For most guys, the concept of sports fashion means wearing a team jersey inscribed with your favorite player’s name. Size: baggy. Comfort level: high. But some sports lovers take their fashion potential to a whole new level, usually in one of three ways: the uberfan guy, the frat party/tailgating extremist guy ...

Interview with Otero Designer Hillary Glenn: Murals to Cutting-Edge Menswear

When the Otero founders first looked for a designer, they knew that they’d need someone who was very in touch with trending fashion, but flexible enough to rethink the whole design process around our revolutionary sizing concept. They found that innovator in Hillary Glenn.

With Honor and Humor: A Tribute to Tennis and the US Open

Historians have traced the popularization of tennis (known as “jeu de paume” or “game of the palm” in the days before rackets had been invented) to the court of Louis X, the monarch affectionately nicknamed “le Hutin” (there isn’t an exact English translation, but it falls somewhere between “the Quarreler,” “the Stubborn,” and “the Headstrong.”)