5 Steps For The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

For a lot of guys, the impending holiday can trigger a short (sometimes panicked) thought process that goes something like: Oh, crap. Father’s Day is coming up. I should probably get some kind of gift. 

A Father’s Day Tribute to Hockey and Basketball Championships

Now that we’re counting down the NBA, WNBA, and Stanley Cup Finals, and to Father’s Day, let’s take a minute to think about how much sporting events have shaped our families.

Remembering the Fallen: A Legacy in Uniform

To think of a soldier, is to think of a person in uniform. But that is a relatively modern innovation. In one sense, military uniforms have been around for thousands of years, but early “uniforms” (such as the loosely regulated armor and clothing required by the Roman military or the army belonging to the first Emperor of China) were handmade, purchased, tailored, and maintained by individual soldiers and their families.