Luxury or Larceny? Identifying Different Grades of Leather

There is a big difference in both how the leathers are tanned, and how they are worked. But the problem is that regulation of leather grew up for different industries, with unique rules developed separately for shoes, watchbands and jewelry, luggage and bags, clothing, etc.

The Ethics of Menswear: Responsible Manufacturing

For a focused, high-end, start-up clothing company, developing strong relationships with garment manufacturers is an essential priority, especially when you plan to have twenty-one sizes for every garment. That’s a lot of extra work for the people who actually do the designing, sizing, cutting and sewing. 

The Polo Shirt: Or is it?

The polo was one of the very first fashion innovations designed by and for world-class professional athletes. Up through the early 20th century, most champion athletes wore a variation of the casual gentleman’s wardrobe.