12 Weird, Wonderful, and Worrying Easter Traditions

Even conceptually, the holiday has confusing origins. The name “Easter” in English is widely attributed to an obscure European goddess of the dawn “Eostre” (“Eastre” in Old English) who was honored for a month every spring. By the 8th century, the pagan celebration had largely been replaced by the Christian ...

To Plant or Not to Plant?: The Genius, the Genus, the Graft

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the garden is calling you to plant your annuals… Grafting or graft techniques were so revolutionary (and useful), that a huge percentile of the modern plants (including grapes, apples, avocados, mangoes, nuts, and roses) that you buy today are actually grafted.

Batter Up! Test Your Knowledge of America’s Favorite Pastime

It’s that time of year…daffodils blooming, allergies ramping up, freak snowstorms reminding Colorado that winter doesn’t die easily…call it what you like, spring is definitely in the air. And in the United States, spring means America's Favorite Pastime - baseball. Test your knowledge.