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About CEO Stephen Villanueva

Stephen Villanueva | Founder & CEO 

In starting Otero, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve: clothes that actually fit not just my height, and size, but most importantly my body type. Like most men, I did not want to take measurements or photos for someone to guess at, I just wanted to point-and-click my way to the best fit possible.

This is what we have done with The Perfect Fit, by Otero Menswear. We have applied our 3D Proportional sizing that guarantees the best off-the-rack fit a man can find.

Simplifying even further, we focused on every man’s favorites, Polos & T’s. We designed the best Polo’s and T-shirts in the market for shorter guys, by using thoughtful, long lasting materials paired with tested visual fashion techniques. Through this we have achieved our goal of my point-and-click perfect fit dream for every man 5’10” and under.

The Perfect Fit, by Otero Menswear has allowed me as well as other shorter men to have a solid confidence in their look to always project the best image of themselves. As an Otero Menswear customer, it excites me to slip on The Perfect Fit every time.


about chief operating officer brett lawrence

Brett Lawrence | Founder & Chief Operating Officer

At 5'8", I have struggled my whole life to find clothes that fit well.  I was a weightlifter and wrestler with extra-large shoulders, a small waste, and a medium height frame.  Absolutely nothing fit me off-the-rack.  I even had to buy my suits as separates and even then, they still had to be altered.  Forget about finding anything stylish in a simple Polo or T-shirt, and who wants to get a T-shirt altered to fit?  Not me.

Fast forward to today and it’s still rare to find a good fit off-the-rack.  Anything fitting my shoulders is way too long to wear untucked and even when tucked in, my shirts still have too much room and material at the waist. 

Enter “The Perfect Fit” by Otero Menswear. I met Steve in the IT industry back in 1998 and we had several things in common, one of which was we are both shorter men. Our careers had chartered different paths for over a decade, but a few years ago The Perfect Fit, by Otero Menswear struck up our business relationship once again. When Steve explained the 3D Proportional sizing guarantee, I was definitely interested. When I slipped on a Perfect Fit shirt, I was convinced.