The Otero Perfect Fit

How It Works

Otero Menswear is all about providing the perfect fit in an off-the-rack garment.
Our polos and t-shirts are designed for your height, size, and body type creating your Perfect Fit.

STANDARD POLO [size medium]

StyleDull, lacking

ProblemsShirt is too long and too wide through torso, sleeves too long, shoulders too wide, placket, collar and cuff are too large and too wide.

OTERO POLO [size medium]

StyleA fashion-forward stylish look

SolutionsLength and width fit perfectly. Collar, placket, cuff and pocket are all proportional to height

Which Otero Shape Are You?

You can also determine your body type by how “average” clothing sizes fit on you. If you can never find a shirt that fits comfortably at the shoulders without being horrifically baggy at the waist, you’re a Triangle. And if you can find shirts that fit at the waist but seem to have arm holes that come halfway down your torso and collars that never lie properly, you’re a Rectangle.

otero menswear clothing chart and how the shirts and polos fit - how it works how it works otero menswear chart on how to choose the best fitting polo or shirt