The Otero Fit

Otero Menswear is all about providing you the most exquisite FIT you can find in an “off-the-rack” garment. There are just 3 simple things you need to do at the time of checkout. Simply choose your Height, Size, and Body Type.


  • 5’4” to 5’5”
  • 5’6” to 5’7”
  • 5’8” to 5’9”


  • S, M, L, XL . . . . . . .
  • S, M, L . . . . . . .

    Body Type:

  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
Rectangle Triangle
Chest to waist difference 0" to 4" 7" to 12"
frame Narrow, lean shoulders Wide, Broad shoulders
body strengths

Long muscle structure

Fast meta bolism

Difficulty gaining weight

lean muscle


Wide, Broad shoulders

More muscle bulk

Easily puts on muscle and weight

Short twich, power

sports & activities Distance speed, Endurance distance running, cycling, yoga, tennis, swimming, water polo, Rowing, Rock Climbing body building, sprinting, wresling, contact sports, football, base ball, rugby, hockey, soccer

Men with a Rectangle body type tend to have a chest measurement only slightly larger than the waist measurement, with an average difference of 3.5”. In contrast, a Triangle body type tends to have a chest measurement substantially larger than the waist measurement, with an average difference of 7”.

These differences in body type actually serve an important purpose because they represent specialization in the muscle function. Men with a Rectangle body type have longer, leaner muscles that are perfect for endurance sports (distance running, biking, tennis, rowing, swimming, water polo, rock climbing, etc.); in contrast, men with Triangle builds tend to orient themselves towards impact sports requiring great speed, bursts of strength, and sheer stopping power (body building, sprinting, wrestling, martial arts, football, rugby).

You can also determine your body type by how “average” clothing sizes fit on you. If you can never find a shirt that fits comfortably at the shoulders without being horrifically baggy at the waist, you’re definitely a Triangle. And if you can find shirts that fit at the waist, but seem to have arm holes that come halfway down your torso and collars that never lie properly, you’re definitely a Rectangle.