Short Length Polo Shirts

Finding polo shirts that fit correctly if you’re a shorter guy is extremely frustrating.

The length is only part of the problem. Shirts don’t come in lengths as pants do, and if you do manage to find short length polo shirts, the other details aren’t sized down or proportioned correctly. You end up looking like you are wearing your older brother’s clothing.

We had the same problem. So we solved it.

Off-the-rack shirts are designed for the average American male - who is 6’ tall. If you are shorter than this, then most shirts will be too long, and the collars and sleeves will be oversized as well. We created three-dimensional proportional sizing: We analyzed body scan data and found that 93% of men have either an upside-down triangle or rectangle body type. This has an enormous impact on the way shirts fit. We paired these two unique sizing factors with the traditional sizes to create our unique sizing system. Here’s how it works:

  1. Body Type
  2. Height
  3. Size

When these three sizing factors are used, the fit is much better. Our shirts look like they were tailor-made for you, which is highly unusual with an off-the-rack shirt. Here's a closer look at how our sizing works for you.

short length polo shirts
Find your size: tshirts for short guys
short length polo shirts

men's dress shirts for short guys: Find your body type

Body Type

If you have a rectangle body type, then the typical shirt will often have extra material in the shoulders, while also being a bit tight through the waist. For those with an upside-down triangle, you’ll often have shoulders that are too tight, with extra billowy fabric through the waist. When you purchase our short length polo shirts, you choose your body type as well as your height and size, so your shirt is fitted to your body correctly.


The average shirt is sized for the average man - 6' tall. We created men’s shirts for short guys that are sized proportionately for your height. Not only will the length be correct, but the sleeve length, plackets, and collar will also be sized correctly. You won’t look like you’re wearing a shirt passed down from your older brother. You’ll like you are wearing a shirt tailored for your body.

mens shirts for short guys
short length polo shirts


The final factor in our sizing system is the typical sizing system - S, M, L, and XL. With our 3D sizing, you won’t have to size up or down from your typical size simply to get a shirt that isn’t too long or fits through the waist or chest. Choose the correct size for your weight and muscular build, and with the other two sizing factors, you’ll have a shirt that fits you perfectly.

Short Length Polo Shirts: The Perfect Fit Every Time

With Otero, you get the perfect fit. No longer are you going to be searching for men’s shirts for short guys or men’s dress shirts for short guys. Our short length polo shirts will look like they were tailor-made for you - because they’re tailor-made for your height, body type, and size. You shouldn’t stress about the way you look: Dressing should be as simple as pulling a shirt from your closet and having it fit your body and build./p>


 Short length polo shirts for men

Sustainability: We are Dedicated to People and Our Planet

Sustainable mens shirts for short guys

The fashion industry is notoriously bad for the environment, and for the people who work in it. We are passionate about supporting people and our planet. Here’s how we focus on this mission here at Otero Menswear:

- Our Commitment to People

We work to ensure the health and well-being of everyone who comes into contact with our products in the manufacturing process. That means we’ve personally inspected every facility used in our clothing’s production. We’ve ensured that our laborers are adult and are paid a living wage. Absolutely, under no circumstances are child or slave laborers employed, or sweatshops used.

- Our Commitment to the Planet

We use 100% natural cotton for our shirts, and strive to responsibly produce clothing that is beneficial for the long-term health of our planet. Our most affordable shirts are made with 100% cotton jersey because it retains color, moves with the body, and is durable and breathable.Our mid-tier shirts are made with 100% liquid cotton, which has a smoother finish and softer feel. Our highest-end shirts are made with 100% mercerized cotton for the most luster and smooth finish.