Short Length T-Shirts

Sick of shirts that are too long? Tired of tightness in the shoulders or waist? Shorter length t-shirts are hard to find. But we've got you covered.


Clothes that don’t fit: This is one of the most frustrating feelings. And, if you’re under 5’ 9”, most t-shirts and shirts will be too long, making you feel like you are wearing your older brother’s hand-me-downs. Short length t-shirts can be hard to find: The average shirt is made for the average male height - 5’ 10”, and the sizing system we use today was created in the 1940s.

We decided it was time for an upgrade.

We created three-dimensional proportional sizing. That’s a mouthful, but it explains how our sizing is unique. The reason our shorter length t-shirts fit so well is that we don’t just focus on length; we change the proportions of the rest of the shirt as well. When you buy one of our shorter length t-shirts you choose:

  1. Body Type
  2. Height
  3. Size

These three measurements change the fit dramatically, making our shirts fit like they were tailor-made for you, which never happens with an off-the-rack shirt. The length isn't the only part of the shirt that is tailored. Here’s a closer look at our sizing and why it fits you perfectly.

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Body Type

We studied body scan data and found that 93% of men have either an upside-down triangle or rectangle skeletal shape, regardless of fitness level or size. If you are an upside-down triangle shape, most shirts will feel tight around your arms and across the chest, while simultaneously loose and baggy around the waist. Alternatively, rectangle body types may find there is extra room in the shoulders, and tightness throughout the torso. Finding a t-shirt that fits you well is like finding a needle in a haystack.



Rarely do t-shirts come in different lengths. But the length of your shirt has a big impact on your appearance. If you’re shorter, most t-shirts are too long, which results in a less-than-desirable look. Our shirts are in different lengths, depending on your height bracket. We offer short-length t-shirts based specifically on your height so you don’t look like you’re wearing oversized clothing. Additionally, we tailor the sleeve length and other details depending on your height.

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The third dimension in our sizing is the typical size. Because of the options when choosing your short-length t-shirt, you won’t have to size up just to get the width you need in the shoulders if you’re an upside-down triangle shape. You’ll be able to choose your true size and be confident your shirt will fit you and be tailored to your body as if it had been made for you.


Short Length T-Shirts: The Perfect Fit Every Time

With Otero, you get the perfect fit. No more ill-fitting shirts that are too long in the length and the sleeves. If you’re looking for t-shirts for short skinny guys, t-shirts for short muscular guys, or t-shirts for short fat guys, you don’t need to look any further. Our unique sizing system means you’ll get a shirt that looks and feels like it was custom-made for you - because, it was.



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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable t-shirts for short fat guys

Sustainability is important to us. Knowing that the clothing we make and wear is sourced fairly, and made by fairly-compensated workers is part of who we are at Otero Menswear. The fashion industry is notorious for pollution due to non-renewable, petroleum based materials that don’t degrade. We know that our fashion choices have an impact on our planet.

- Commitment to Individuals

We work to ensure the health and well-being of everyone who comes into contact with our products in the manufacturing process. That means we’ve personally inspected every facility used in our clothing’s production. We’ve ensured that our laborers are adult and are paid a living wage. Absolutely, under no circumstances are child or slave laborers employed, or sweatshops used.

- Commitment to Our Planet

We use natural cotton for the feel, performance, and versatility. 100% cotton jersey is used for our most affordable shirts. It is durable, breathable, retains color, and moves with the body. Our mid-tier line uses 100% liquid cotton. This smoother finish has a very soft feel. Our highest-end shirts are constructed with 100% mercerized cotton for ultimate luster and finish. We strive for responsible consumption and production for the long-term health of our planet.