Shirts for Short Men

If you’re under the average height of 6’, finding shirts that fit can be difficult.

Typical off-the-rack t-shirts and polos are usually too long, with oversized details (like pockets, collars, and plackets). And, different body types aren’t taken into account. Finding shirts for short men is next to impossible.

We had the same problem. So, we fixed it.

We looked at the data: We analyzed body scan images and found that 93% of men had two body types: The upside-down triangle or the rectangle. When clothing is made with this consideration, it fits much better and is much more comfortable. With our body scan data, we created three-dimensional proportional sizing. Here’s how it works:

  1. Height
  2. Body Type
  3. Size

When these three sizing factors are considered for clothing, shirts fit better. Here’s a closer look at all the sizing factors and how they impact our fit.

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The average height of men is 6’. This means that if you’re 5’ 10” or under, off-the-rack shirts will be too long. Nothing is more frustrating. And, if you happen to find a shirt that fits in the length, the details are too large. The sleeves are often too long, and the pockets, collar, and plackets are too large. When you choose your height in our shirts, we size down all the other details to fit you. Our short length shirts fit you everywhere - not just the length.

Body Type

In looking at body scan data, we found that 93% of men are either an upside-down triangle or rectangle body type. If you are an upside-down triangle body type, then you may have noticed that many shirts are tight in the shoulders and chest, while being loose and baggy in the waist. This is because typical shirts aren’t made with this body type in mind. Alternatively, if you are a rectangle body type, then you may find that many shirts have extra fabric in the shoulders while being uncomfortable through the waist. Our fit takes your body type into account, so your shirt fits you perfectly no matter which of those two body types you are.

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The last part of our three-dimensional proportional sizing is the typical size you would normally wear. When the other two factors are included in sizing, you won’t have to size up or down to get the right fit. Often, shorter men have to size down so that the length fits, which results in an ill-fitting shirt throughout the arms, chest, and waist. Finding shirts for short men is no longer difficult with Otero Menswear, because your shape and height are also a factor in sizing.

Shirts for Short Men: The Perfect Fit

Our three-dimensional proportional sizing is the result of our in-depth research to fix a problem. We couldn’t find short length shirts off-the-rack. Searching for the best shirts for short guys was fruitless. So, we looked into why it was so difficult, found the different body types, and created shirts for small guys specifically, instead of simply sizing down a traditional shirt. Our shirts look like they were tailor-made for you because they take your height and body type into account as well as your size. No longer do you have to wear a shirt that looks like it came from your older brother’s closet.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

shirts for short guys uk

We are committed to making short length shirts: But we are also committed to sustainability and responsibility, both to people and to our planet. The fashion industry is notorious for using child laborers and sweatshops, and for using products that are bad for our planet. We are dedicated to ensuring that neither of these happens in the production of our clothing. We have personally visited each and every one of the factories that produce our shirts to ensure that the laborers are adults, are paid a good wage and have good working conditions. To protect our planet, we use 100% natural cotton for all our shirts: 100% jersey cotton for our most affordable shirts - which retains color, is durable, breathable, and moves with your body. 100% liquid cotton for our mid-tier shirts - which has a softer feel and a smoother finish. 100% mercerized cotton for our highest-end shirts - which have the smoothest finish and most luster.