The Weird and Wonderful History of Golf: Fun Facts for Fans

 “Why do we play golf?” and “Why do fashionable persons play golf wearing peculiar outfits with unusual quantities of plaid?” Basically, people have been hitting balls (or rocks) with sticks for as long as we’ve been able to hold sticks with our marvelous opposable thumbs.

An Ordinary Guy’s Guide to Wine Tasting

Almost 90% of all American wines are grown, harvested, and refined in California, but there are local specialty vineyards in all 50 states. And that means that you have some options for investigating and supporting your local wineries. 

Fashion Week for Dummies: The Myth, The Mystery, The What!?

Twice a year, in four major fashion centers (and a bunch of minor ones), the most celebrated designers of the year get together to tell men what is truly fashionable.