How We Came Up With the Idea for 3D Proportional Design

How, Exactly, Did We Come Up with the Idea for the 3D Proportional Sizing? Interview with Steve Villanueva, co-founder of Otero Menswear.  Staff: Y...

Who’s Your Avatar?: Otero Menswear Introduces Perfitly

A new partnership between cutting-edge designer Otero Menswear and a new fashion technology startup Perfitly. Otero has always been committed to rethinking fit. Perfitly is the new gold standard in digital shipping as their virtual dressing room takes the guess work out of online shopping.

Meet Kash: CTO of Perfitly

Since Otero Menswear and Perfitly have pioneered a new frontier in fashion technology and superior fit, we’d like to introduce you to one of the minds behind the Virtual Fitting Room technology: Meet Kash Vyas, the CTO of Perfitly.