The Man Cold: Calling In Sick

The term “man cold” has come to be used derisively (mostly by women) to underestimate the full scope of the common cold. For those days when you’re utterly miserable and feverish. When you’re coughing up a lung and kind of wishing that a meteorite would hit your house, because at least then you’d be dead ...

How Well Do You Know Your Dad? A Father’s Day Challenge

We set aside a special day to honor one of our most important relationships, but how well do we actually know our dads? Whether the key influence in your life is your biological father, grandfather, adoptive father, mentor, or coach—today, we’re highlighting a personality test that can help us to understand ourselves.

Old Mens Underwear Ads: A Frightening Fashion Retrospective

Today, we take for granted the fact that our underwear is comfortable, breathable, and properly fitted—but the modern menswear is actually the product of years of strategic engineering. So, take a moment to enjoy a century’s worth of underwear that you will never have to wear (again).